Call for Renkujin – The Snail Reopens

After a long hiatus, I thought I’d overhaul the Snail’s site and open up a new renku for the new year!

So, please express your interest here, look around if you’re new to renku, and keep in mind that renku is about collaboration, even if there is a ‘leader’ of the poem.

I’ll be opening up a Junicho which I’ll lead, or possibly two (or even another form of renku), depending on the amount of participants.

So far we have at least 3, looking forward to hearing from you all


About ashleycapes

Ashley is an Australian poet, novelist and teacher. He's currently running a casual review blog called "The Review Heap" focusing on anime and animation. He is the author of half a dozen poetry collections and a few novels, some published traditionally and some self-published. He also occasionally publishes other folks too.
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22 Responses to Call for Renkujin – The Snail Reopens

  1. lorin says:

    Hi Ashley,
    It’s looking terrific! Headings (or whatchcallems) at top are easy to negotiate. Nice job. I’m feeling a tad haiku-ed/renku-ed out right now, but put my name down, as things might pick up soon.


  2. Claire says:

    Hi Ashley,
    It’s so great to take part and share the shift/link process that I can’t help wishing to join in, if not being a disturbance of some sort (at least, I’m trying).
    Anyway, the Junicho is unknown to me, yet.
    Well, let us see who wants to take part in the coming days… Eiko ? Who else… And, Lorin could change her mind…
    Of course, I know, mastering English in haiku is somewhat difficult !


  3. g’day Ashley

    This is so much easier to read, looks good.

    I’d love to participate again. 12 verses shouldn’t take us too long.

    Put me down for sure.

    Peace and Love

  4. Hi Ashley
    The changes to the site are great and i’m enjoying your books. Cheers. I’m keen to take part as a newbie.
    Barbara – I read your haiku in journals – love your work.


  5. haikutec says:

    If the renku offer is still open, put my name down. 😉


  6. lorin says:

    Alan, great! Good on you! And also looking forward to a future renku that you might oblige us by sabaki-ing, here.

    – Lorin

  7. ashleycapes says:

    Fantastic to see so many responses, between my e-mail to the ‘regular’ Snailers and this post here, we now have 10 names ready to go!

    Now, seeing as I don’t have the skill to run two Junicho at once, I’d like to propose we do two but one after the other. The first being made up of the first 6 people to respond, and the second being made up of the remaining 4 (with the potential addition of anyone from the first 6 and even a different sabaki perhaps)

    So in the meantime, our first Junicho will be led by me, Ashley, with Graham, Joe, Lorin, Valeria and Claire and the second (at this stage) will be Ashley, with Barbara, Andrew, Vasile and Alan.

    If anyone feels they can’t make it to Junicho 1 for some reason, please let me know as soon as you can and we’ll swap you to 2 and replace you.

    So, let’s go!

    On the menu go to RENKU ‘IN PROGRESS’ and hit CURRENT RENKU and submit your hokku candidates

  8. ashleycapes says:

    And thank you to everyone for the positive feedback on the new site, very happy!

  9. lorin says:

    Hi Ashley, I’m flat tack right now with a couple of things. It’d be great if you could switch me into the renku 2 lineup, please.

    – Lorin

  10. Valeria says:

    I’m with you, Ashley! Thanks for inviting me 🙂

  11. ashleycapes says:

    Excellent, Valeria!

    And I’ve made the note, Lorin, no sweat, thanks for the quick response.

    All right, that means Barbara takes your place in #1 (if that’s ok Barbara?) and Lorin jumps in for #2.

  12. g’day all

    Hello Andrew, and thanks for your kind comments. I was looking forward to writing with you, Ashley, Alan and Vasile. Perhaps another time. Vasile and I have published a summer haiku last year. Here is a link to it

    I am constantly writing renku, so I’ll start thinking for this Junicho 1.

    Peace and Love

    • ashleycapes says:

      Hi Barbara, you could stick around for the second Junicho too if you like? As those names should make up the second team

    • You’re welcome Barbara and thanks for the link. Yes, perhaps another time or for Junicho 2. I’ve taken Ashley’s advice and walking through the evolution of ‘Yellow Moon’. Steep learning curves for me. I also hope to (secretly) sit in your renku circle as a silent member for Junicho 1 as much as I can.
      Have fun all and Happy New Year.

  13. willie says:

    Hey Ash,

    Some new paint, a new sign; the place looks great!
    I’ll visit often, friend, maybe take part if you’ll have me and time allows.
    For now, a very happy new year wish to everyone!


  14. ashleycapes says:

    Fantastic news, Willie – you’re in the number 2 Junicho then, which just filled up!

    At this stage it will be comprised of Ashley/????(sabaki) with Lorin, Andrew, Vasile, Alan and Willie, and we’ll kick off just before Junicho 1 ends.

  15. lorin says:

    😉 Junicho 2 — Ashley(sabaki) with Lorin, Andrew, Vasile, Alan and Willie.

    Now that looks like an interesting line-up. Will I feel like the petunia in the onion patch?
    . . . maybe, maybe not. 🙂

    You’re on.

    – Lorin

  16. Bill Dennis says:

    Looks like you have your hands full with a full house, but I’d love to participate if and when you have an opening. I’ve never done junicho but kasen I am familiar with.

    • ashleycapes says:

      Hi Bill! Welcome! We do for now – but the number 3 Junicho/XXXX renku is filling up, and you’re in for number 3!

      Excellent! The Junicho is a bit like a streamlined kasen, but has no movements, it’s fast and fun, hope you enjoy it!


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