A New Style of Junicho

At the link provided is information on a new style of Junicho that I have been working on with John Carley. Thanks to his most excellent input, it’s ready to trial and we’d love to do so here. John will lead, and I will participate, so we’re only calling for 4 more participants for the time-being.

Before any one does put their hand up by posting at the site, please have a look at background text at the link below, it should help explain how this style aims to be ‘new’ and what traditions we’ve relied on to develop it from, and what it should look like.

According to my records we have 11 names waiting to join a renku at the Snail, and I’d like to ask any of them to jump in here now, and as always, we’ll take the first 4. Because this renku is kind of a bonus to the other two Junicho I’d already taken names for, I’m happy for any combination of the waiting 11 to join us, then retain the original line-ups for the remaining two renku.

Andrew, Vasile, Alan, Lorin, Willie  #2
Melissa, Mary, Sandra, Bill, Matt, #3


If you’re part of the group 1 list currently working on the Winter Junicho and want to join, I’ll put you on the back up list, or even a list for a second ‘new’ Junicho, should the form prove enjoyable to compose and read!


About ashleycapes

Ashley is an Australian poet, novelist and teacher. He's currently running a casual review blog called "The Review Heap" focusing film, anime, games, books and music - and (very) occasionally other stuff too. He is the author of half a dozen poetry collections and a few novels, some published traditionally and some self-published. He also occasionally publishes other folks too.
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