2011’s Fourth Renku is Up Soon!

Keep an eye on the site, a new renku is about to begin.

Led by the wonderful NZ poet Sandra Simpson (many of you will know her and her work from haiku and renku circles) it’s going to be a fast one!


About ashleycapes

Ashley is an Australian poet, novelist and teacher. He's currently running a casual review blog called "The Review Heap" focusing film, anime, games, books and music - and (very) occasionally other stuff too. He is the author of half a dozen poetry collections and a few novels, some published traditionally and some self-published. He also occasionally publishes other folks too.
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4 Responses to 2011’s Fourth Renku is Up Soon!

  1. renkuleader says:

    Hi all,

    My plan is to do a junicho because that’s the form I know best.

    However, I do consider myself still a beginner so am happy to be pulled up by team members when its looks like my logic has deserted me!

    Thanks for the encouragement John. Looking forward to trying my hand at this.

    See you on the new board when we’re ready to go.

    Best wishes,

  2. renkuleader says:

    Oh, good lord. When I signed in to become an “administrator” I didn’t realise the name I chose in jest would then become my monniker.

    Renku leader was meant ironically, BTW.


    • ashleycapes says:

      Sorry, Sandra, I ought to have realised that and warned you when you were signing up.
      If you repost this message on the draft page I reckon everyone will get it 😉
      Actually, it might be worth reposting your first post too, perhaps. And a Junicho sounds great to me, it’s probably the form most Snailers are familiar with too.


      (hidden in the ‘Renku In Progress’ part of the menu)

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