Breath by Sandra Simpson

I recently received some fantastic news – Sandra Simpson’s collection of haiku breath has just been released! For details other then the hints I’ve taken from Sandra’s site below, just click on the link above

breath is the realisation of a project that has been rolling on and off my desk for about 2 years and I am pleased to record that it was home from the printer in November 2011. There’s something about the death of loved friends that tends to focus the mind and I realised that I just needed to get on and do it and not look back later and be regretful.

breath has been arranged in the traditional way – by grouping poems under seasonal headings – with my own photographs of the seasons of the tree acting as separator illustrations.

summer rain –
finding chocolate frogs
at the back of the shop

first published Daily Haiku, Cycle 11, 2011


About ashleycapes

Ashley is an Australian poet, novelist and teacher. He's currently running a casual review blog called "The Review Heap" focusing film, anime, games, books and music - and (very) occasionally other stuff too. He is the author of half a dozen poetry collections and a few novels, some published traditionally and some self-published. He also occasionally publishes other folks too.
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2 Responses to Breath by Sandra Simpson

  1. John Carley says:

    I had the pleasure of reviewing this book. It is unfeasibly good! J

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