Current Renku #5

Opening Feb 2012

39 Responses to Current Renku #5

  1. Hello Ash,

    It’s been awhile, aye, lad? Love to join in. I’ll keep watch.



    • ashleycapes says:

      Indeed! Wanna lead one? I could start the engine again, I’ve been looking for a volunteer for a while now so if you’re keen that’d be superb! Otherwise I’ll still ask around

  2. Might’s well . . . some time on my hands. It’s been some time past. We should inquire of our scheduled authors first, see if any are game. Seniority, you know.

  3. genevieve osborne says:

    Hi Ash, love to join in if somebody on the schedule page can’t make it! Best wishes, Genevieve.

  4. sandra says:

    Hello Ashley/Willie,

    I’m with Gen – put me down for any spare place going, otherwise happy to watch and learn.

    Best wishes,

  5. John Carley says:

    Hi Ash, that Sorlien fellow is dubious at best. So if there’s anybody out there who’d like to write a sequence but are quite sensibly thanking their lucky stars that Willie is all booked up I’d happily lead another poem at the same time. First time writers of renku, or those with little experience, are particularly welcome.

    Hey, here’s a ‘love’ sequence between Yaba, Basho and Rigyuu from the poem The Hawker’s Goose. If this reads more like a ‘back door man’ blues from Mr Sorlien’s country than elevated literature blame it on the translator. πŸ˜‰ J

    thoughts elsewhere
    she minces dried herbs
    for the larder shellf

    a day off for the horse,
    there’s romancing indoors

    the yarn-skein man
    comes calling around four,
    all out of tune

  6. Mary white says:

    I am available for back up on the new Renku

  7. Johnny!!! There you is, you cantankerous curmudgeon. How was holiday?

    Best not to use the Yahoo Mail account of mine any longer. It’s been phished, seriously compromised. Of course, you’re always welcome to send me money, nonetheless!

    william sorlien at g mail dot com

    A longer sequence then? Imachi, maybe? Little steps . . .

  8. John Carley says:

    All good thanks buddy – I’m a full on German lover (well, Saxony anyway).

    I’m a big fan of the Imachi – it *demands* considerably more than the Junicho in terms of distinctive tempo control and the like.

    On the other hand it could make sense to build up some renku muscle by having two separate shorter poems run in tandem. Dunno how many people are stacked up in Ashley’s system (Hi Mary!). It would be good to rope in some lurking newbies too.

    Hope you washed the oil of your fingers before touching that keyboard boy. Or do you now have un ombre to do your typing for you (you captialist…)

    • Bill Dennis says:

      As happens, I’m fresh back from Germany. I thought I saw someone there who might have looked like you, if only I knew what you looked like.

  9. The oil isn’t so difficult to remove from my hands, unless you count that which now lubricates my hair, tongue, and previously well-mannered nature. It’s the dust that has inextricably permeated my very soul. I should have expected no less an error from some yobbo, ale-sodden Red Devil worshipper. Mind your words – mi vatos are loyal to a fault, and believe you me, they are everywhere, even where you least expect it.

    However . . . a point well taken. Why, even tonight I’m off to a midwestern poetry group to recruit more adherents to the haikai fold. I’d only considered our number in waiting. Good hands all, reliably seasoned, all capable of that certain, “thousand yard” vision.

    Some new blood *would* be advantageous. I did recall *someone’s* mention that our job is to encourage, didn’t I?

    Let’s git to it!

    Williston Killdeer

  10. Barbara says:

    I am here and ready to go!

  11. ashleycapes says:

    I’ve also heard from Joe, which is great to hear yet another familiar Snailer is back

  12. ashleycapes says:

    Ok team,
    So far the following 9 writers have signed up :

    Willie, John, Gen, Mel, Sandra, Mary, Lorin, Barbara, Joeseph, (& me = 10)

    But a few people from the original schedule haven’t written back just yet – I’ll leave things open til later tonight though

  13. Lorin says:

    Yep, I’m up for either or both. πŸ™‚ I didn’t look here before this, but let Ash know I was available for the backlist for Willie’s, in case someone didn’t turn up, and I’m in for John’s since alerted to the ‘duelling sabaki’ scenario. It’ll be nice to be involved in renku again with whomever is willing to take on someone a tad rusty.

    – Lorin

  14. ashleycapes says:

    Ok, no-one else has replied and it’s been a while longer than I planned – let’s go!
    There are 10 of us, so 5 each for Willie & John?

    I’ll open two pages – so far I’m with Willie & Mary is with John – let’s set how the rest of us even out – I think 5 and 5 for the dueling renku will be best I feel

  15. Bill Dennis says:

    Jet lagged and limping, I’d still like to sign on with Will Sorlien.

    slow to respond
    the sleepy cat
    stares after the mouse

    Bill Dennis

  16. Joseph Mueller says:

    Okay, maybe my brain is fried by writing elsewhere. HOW do I get onto the page to join this renku (and/or John’s!) My haiku is rusty, but I’ve got some great mouthful of words tumbling in my mouth attaching themselves to images from my cortex. Fun. Joe

  17. Oy, Joe! Scroll up to Renku ‘In Progress’ on the titles bar, hover the cursor, drop down slightly to Renku 5 as it appears, and Renku’s 1 and 2 should appear also!

  18. Joseph Mueller says:

    Is there a spot for me?

  19. Get over here! We’ll sort it out later.

  20. Joseph Mueller says:

    Here I am!

  21. Here I come, don’cha mean? Directions four posts above.

  22. ashleycapes says:

    Hey Gen if you’re out there, there’s still a spot free on John’s page

  23. genevieve osborne says:

    Hi Ash, OK I’m heading to John’s page.

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