First Warm Day (Triparshva)

The First Warm Day

summer storm –
the spreading jacaranda
splits in two (b)

staccato rain
on the hot tin roof (g)

the dubbing
of an old kung-fu movie
out of synch (c)

she spears her bun
with a lacquered chopstick (s)

moonlit garden
icicles sparkle
on broccoli heads (b)

odd as it may seem
we all talk sense (j)

* * * *

noisy at dawn
pink and grey galahs
wheel along the beach (g)

a giant-shark taniwha
slips up his sleeve (s)

Bobby Moore and Pele
oh, that innocent
embrace (j)

spring does little
to bring fresh hope (c)

in lingering light
reading gendai
to old jazz tunes (w)

great expectations
time out, take five (b)

queuing to see
the Mona Lisa,
cameras in her face (g)

a veil of fog
around the mausoleum (j)

sometimes the moon need not be there (c)

letting the atlas fall open where it will (s)

* * * *

Humpty’s too perplexed,
can’t get it together
again (b)

a row of snowmen
at the palace gate (g)

our tour guide’s
red umbrella,
inexpertly furled (s)

deep in the coppice
a hedgehog uncurls (j)

the path to the cottage
with orange blossom (g)

a ploughman’s lunch
on the first warm day (c)

Composed at Issa’s Snail
Begun 13th Dec 2009, Completed 9th Feb 2010

Barbara A Taylor: New South Wales, Australia
Colin Stewart Jones: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Genevieve Osborne: New South Wales, Australia
John Carley: Lancashire, England (sabaki)
Sandra Simpson: Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
William Sorlien: Minnesota, USA (guest)


6 Responses to First Warm Day (Triparshva)

  1. John Carley says:

    Hello, above you see the text of a 22 verse Triparshva renku which was finalised by the writing team on Tuesday the 9th of Feb 2010. You can follow the discussions which led to the creation of this definitve text by clicking the Drafts & Discussions (Triparshva) link at upper right. There is also a relevant tab at the head of the page. This completed text will be removed in due course prior to publication in another medium.

    Further information on the Triparshva, other forms of renku sequence and associated compositional techniques, can be found at

    Thanks for your interest, John

  2. Willie says:

    Hello!…well, ain’t you the lonely, poetic figure…

  3. colin stewart jones says:

    not really willie
    this is me!!!

    Coup d’Oeil (A Brief Glance)

    A totalitarian democracy
    The People’s Republic of Me.
    They’ve freedom to speak
    in united states of schizophrenia;
    but not if I disagree.

    A perfect dictatorship
    Just One at the wheel.
    Revolution turns on resolution;
    put down on paper.
    Fait accompli!


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  5. colin stewart jones says:

    gean tree press is pleased to announce that alan summers has joined our team and we are now accepting renga/renku

    details will be on the subs page shortly


  6. Francina says:

    very nice one

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