Shades of Autumn (Triparshva)

The text of this poem has been removed as it has recently been published in issue #40 of the haikai journal Haiku Presence The drafts and discussions tab for this poem is  still live.

Thank you for your interest – the writing team.

3 Responses to Shades of Autumn (Triparshva)

  1. John Carley says:

    Hello, above you see the text of a 22 verse Triparshva renku sequence as it was finalised by the writing team. This text will shortly be removed from this site so that it is elligible for publication in other media.

    You can follow the process of creation of this poem live by following the Drafts & Discussions (Triparshva) link at upper right. You can gain more information about the Triparshva at the web site

    Links to other creative strands here at Issa’s Snail appear at the head of this page and at upper right.

    Thanks for your interest, John Carley

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  3. lorin says:

    😉 …just popped in here for one last read of it here at ‘snail’.

    Ashley, many thanks for your hospitality throughout this and through all of the other renku.


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