Welcome participants! Something I am really pleased to implement, and should have done earlier, is a ‘Schedule’ page. Come here to check on the wait list for a renku starting at the Snail.

It’s my hope to add sabaki and potential start dates here, but we shall see if that is possible – as every one of us is busy and such dates and names may change.

Please also post here if for any reason you feel you can no longer appear in an upcoming renku, no stress just let me know and I’ll slot you in at a later date!


Winter Junicho, sabaki: Ashley – COMPLETED – August 2011
Ashley, Graham, Joseph, BAT, Valeria, Claire

‘New’ Junicho #1, sabaki: John – COMPLETED – March 2011
John, Lorin, Willie, Alan, Sandra, Bill

‘New’ Junicho #2, sabaki: John – COMPLETED – May 2011
John, Ashley, Andrew, Vasile, Mary, kala

Snowmelt Junicho – sabaki: Sandra – COMPLETED – September 2011
Sandra, Gen, Ashley, Willie

2013 Renku – PENDING – April 2013
John (sabaki) Ashley, Stephen(?)

41 Responses to Schedule

  1. Joseph Mueller says:

    Ash, put me in anywhere I fit. I love working with all of you! Joe

  2. Rhonda Poholke says:

    Hi Ashley – I’d like to have a go at a renku – if I can be directed as to what to do –
    Rhonda P

  3. Claire says:

    Ashley, would like to be on the pending list, too… New junicho?

  4. Bill says:

    Though I put in for place a renku quite some time ago, I’d just like to reiterate my hope to take part in another when chance offers.

  5. Claire says:

    Oh, yes, I reiterate my hope, too and do agree for a schedule…

  6. lorin says:

    Hi Ash & everyone,
    Great that you have renku completed & another to begin soon. This schedule page is a very good idea.
    Sorry, I’ve been flat tack & still will be for a while so can’t join in anything but I have some good news for you. 😉
    (Whether this is the right place to post it,I’m not at all sure, but I can’t find anywhere more suitable. Just delete this if it’s intrusive or place it where you see fit)

    Have now got ‘A Hundred Gourds’ launched and we’ll be having a renku section starting in the next issue. Willie, who you know from his participation here at the Snail, is the renku edito.

    Here’s the link to AHG 1:1, published yesterday, with everything you need to know on the submissions page.


  7. lorin says:

    whoops…forgot to change the website url . I hope this works.

  8. ashleycapes says:

    Ace, Lorin – no probs, here’s a good a place as any to post it, and yeah, I can move the post later if it becomes necessary. Will have a read after work!

  9. Claire says:

    Always ok for me… Beginning after the foie gras time?(!)

  10. mary white says:

    Hi Its probably too late but can I be a reserve writer or keep me on the list for the next time.

  11. ashleycapes says:

    Hi Mary (Hi Claire!)
    I will contact those on the list for # 5 soon and see who replies – because we opened at odd times here, people who are down might not be able to jump in at this time, so I’ll definitely keep you on the list and let you know what happens

  12. Claire says:

    Thanks for opening a New Junicho. Well, yes, I am interested in trying this new genre… If it turns out to be too difficult, I’ll give my place, of course,
    All my best to the team,

  13. ashleycapes says:

    Ok, so far I’ve heard back from a few of us

    Confirmed: Bat, Joe, Claire
    With Mary able to take a space if she still wishes
    & Bill is in if we do a seasonal renku

    But with no leader at this stage – I’m still keen to have someone else jump up to the chair – it’s fun and a challenge, leading a renku, and teaches you so much at the same time.

    However, if no-one does come forward, we have two options. Wait a little while for me to be ready or wait a longer while for John, who generously said he’d be able to lead one at a later date.

    So, any volunteers? 🙂

  14. I am interested in joining this renku circle, is there room?

    • ashleycapes says:

      Hi Steven, there’s certainly room – the Snail is a bit sleepy of late, but I’ll soon put out another call for interest and see if we can get a renku going!

  15. John Carley says:

    I’m up for a poem too Steven. Will ‘lead’ if needed. J

  16. Bill says:

    April Fool! But if this is for real, please count me in for the next renku.

  17. Kala Ramesh says:

    Please do count me in ^_^

  18. Clairegardien says:

    Another snail? Much tempted to be on the rails, too – claire

  19. Lorin Ford says:

    I’d love to be in it, if there’s room.

    – Lorin

  20. batsword says:

    I’d like that too if there’s room

  21. ashleycapes says:

    Ok, so far we have the following poets lined up, based on who e-mailed first or wrote back here:


    with Mary, Sandra, Claire, Lorin & Barbara right behind, so I’m going to have a chat to John and see what he thinks we should do. Hoping also to hear back from Steven soon too!

  22. ashleycapes says:

    All right – John is able to lead the first one, but not the second – but he’s generously offered to help out if someone would like to lead the second?

    John would be happy to provide front or back channel support to anyone leading poem 2 with ‘technical’ queries etc

    And also mentioned that he’s interested in trying out the

    ‘Tankako’ – a 24 verse pattern which is interesting as a 2/3 scale Kasen

    So I’d love to hear back from everyone here if you’re willing to lead the second renku?

    • Lorin Ford says:

      Hi Ashley,
      Sorry, I won’t be able to join Renku #2. I jumped at the chance of doing another renku with John, but wasn’t up early enough in the morning 🙂 (or late enough in the night?) Truth is I’m buggered at present. Will look in when the renku are in progress and will sign up for a future one.

      – Lorin

      • ashleycapes says:

        Wanna lead number #2? 🙂

        Yeah, I posted that one quite early for some timezone variation of when the calls are seen etc

        Would love for you to be able to stay and watch, hope you feel better fast!

      • Lorin Ford says:

        Thanks, Ash. Yeah, I’ve got a bit of recovering to do & then more work. Great that Willie has joined 🙂 I’ll definitely be popping in to follow with interest.

        – Lorin

  23. John Carley says:

    Hi all, that Tankako pattern is up at Renku Reckoner now. There’s a schematic, and some comments in the ‘common types’ spiel (top left button).

    It’s only recently that I got hold of sufficient detail to list it. It’s a kind of exact 2/3 scale model of Basho’s preferred Kasen. And seems designed to invite a more ‘classic’ approach than other stuff of latter years such as the Junicho, Imachi and Rokku.

    There won’t have been very many written in English. Quite possibly none. If we can get two groups together it could be good to do a sort of duelling thing in parallel ‘cos it seemed to work with the Imachis last year.

    Got to share this with you ‘cos I think it’s hilarious. I’ve not long finished a translation of Novemeber Frost (Month of Frosts) which is notable for the maudlin sentimentality and bogus religiousity of a number of Basho’s verses (honestly quite ghastly). But that doesn’t stop the assembled company fawning. Here’s the closing pair by Yasui and Uritsu respectively. Note that the obligatory blossom verse has in fact been kicked upstairs to #32 (which all the manuals will tell you *never* happens).

    in classic dress
    our haikai master
    exudes youthfulness

    bright with camellias
    a hat for winter winds

    Come on. He was 40 years old. That was already middle aged even for a Japanese!
    Ah well – I’ll just have to get myself a dress and hope for the best! J

  24. William Sorlien says:

    Hello! Tankako? I’d like to be involved, if just to test my stamina.

    • Lorin Ford says:

      That’s good, Willie 😉 I was hoping you’d turn up and take my place.
      There’ll be an odd kind of balance with you in 2 : one woman in Renku #1 and one bloke in Renku #2.

      – Lorin

  25. ashleycapes says:

    Great! I’ll make the updates on number 2

  26. John Carley says:

    One thing we do know (given that the Tankako invites a relatively conservative style) is that the first verse, hokku, will be either spring or autumn depending on our hemisphere. So we can start to think about what candidates we will want to submit once the flag goes up.

    The Tankako is 24 verses long. The Kasen is 36 and hard to do well under any circumstances. But specially in ‘remote composition’ where the impetus is easily lost, and very difficult to regain.

    Just recently I had the pleasure of leading a Nijuin (20) verses against a deadline for a competition entry. We had to turn the verses round in 24 hours. It worked. I was reminded that back in they day they’d sometimes use little twists of incencse – you had to submit your candidate verse before it burnt through. At an individual level its about performing under pressure. But the strongest effect is IMHO on the collective where everyone stays engaged.

    I think if we want to get best value out of our Tankako(s) we could do worse than adopt the 24 hour turn around idea. 😉 J

  27. ashleycapes says:

    We’re also looking for a leader for the second renku, which can run concurrently, or after the first?

    Mary, Sandra, Claire, Willie & Barbara are lined up to participate in this one so far. Would any of you like to lead?

  28. John Carley says:

    Would it be possible to set up Tankako #1 and Tankako #2 Ash? I’m sure I saw a ripple so we’ll get a nibble at leading #2 any moment!

    Just hold off with posting the hokku candidates for the mo’ folks. But please do polish them up as we wait with baited breath, hooks etc. 🙂 J

  29. William Sorlien says:

    I’d have a go again if no one else wants to. Back at home from working “on the road” for nearly a year I might even speak and write legibly. N o matter – I need a hokku candidate! What month is it? 😉

  30. ashleycapes says:

    Fantastic, thank you, Willie! 😀

    Here they are:

    Could everyone please have a look to see if you’re still able to participate in this great opportunity and as John said, in the meantime keep polishing those hokku candidates!

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