Spring Melancholy & The Red Door (Koyomi)

Dear Renju,

Please find the definitive text and its translation below.
Falling love with this poem, I will try to find a home
for it so that many renku lovers around the world can enjoy our work.

sincerely yours,
eiko yachimoto
25 May, 2010

The definitive text:

Koyomi: spring melancholy & the red door

led by eiko yachimoto
started May 9, 2010
completed May 22, 2010

spring melancholy
a green glass tortoise
in morning dew (willie)      (spring)

fiddleheads sway
along the pathway (barbara) (spring)

at the hairpin bend
a timber jinker slows
to the speed limit (lorin) (no season)

snap, crackle and pop
cones thrown on the fire (sandra) (autumn)

in the gathering stillness
of a majestic mountain
the rising full moon (kala) (autumn)

our king is seated and
the concert master nods (eiko) (no season)

*** ***
such cool quays
lovers are strolling to
Saint-Germain-des-Prés (claire) (summer/love)

across the square the red
door of our first home(geneviève) (no season/love)

through the keyhole
a vixen with her cubs
scavenging (barbara, claire) (winter)

… a sudden thud
as an eagle lands (kala) (winter)

cut-out blossoms
paper and scissors
spread on the table (ashley) (no season with spring flavor)

the warming breeze
tugs at our writing sheets(john) (spring)


Japanese version:

暦:春愁と赤い戸     捌:谷地元瑛子


春愁やガラスの亀に朝の露     ウィリー
小径を行けば揺れる早蕨     バーバラ
七曲り丸太切り出し運ぶらん    ローリン
松ぼっくりを投げる火の上    サンドラ
秀峰に静寂(しじま)集めて月上る カーラ
ご臨席得て奏者に合図      瑛子

さんざめきサンジェルマンへ恋涼み クレア
赤い戸は新居広場の向かい    ジェネヴィーブ
鍵穴から雌ギツネ一家跋扈見え   クレア/バーバラ
翼バサリとイヌワシ着地     カーラ
今生れし切り紙の花卓の上     アシュレ
用箋たぐる貝寄せの風      ジョン


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