Year of the Rabbit (Junicho)

.yearyear of the rabbit of the rabbit

year of the rabbit

year of the rabbit –
a fir branch sways
its snowy tail

vanilla permeates
the icy night

strange shadows
gird the pond
fly home! fly home!

moving towards me
your closed eyes

one woman’s kiss
and two subway changes
his lips still parted

in the moonlight the grapes
for a vintage year

shouting directions
the wind
batters an old sign

the streets of Pompeii
forever empty

sky to sea
and back again

inconsiderate rhythms –
the roof-tiler at dawn

outside her workshop
peach fragrance fires
up hayfever

harlequin beetles
brighten the carnival


5 Responses to Year of the Rabbit (Junicho)

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  2. mattheth says:

    nice. particularly like the ones beginning

    moving towards me…
    in the moonlight the grapes…

    — all of them with a classic haiku mood.

    onya, ashley (and all)!

  3. sure, ashley, let me know when you want me! 🙂

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