Yellow Moon (Junicho)

Full text coming soon at Simply Haiku, keep an eye here for the link in November!

Here it is:

Yellow Moon

18 Responses to Yellow Moon (Junicho)

  1. John Carley says:

    Dear reader, this is the text of our 12 verse Junicho renku sequence as it is finalised. If you’d like to trace the creation of the poem and read the ongoing exchanges please follow the ‘discussions, Junicho’ link at right.

    What is a Junicho? There’s some description and discussion of it at the late W.J.Higgionson’s ‘Renku Home’ site – look for the link to Shorter Renku. There is likewise some appraisal of it at my own Renku Reckoner site if you go to Common Types and page down. The Schematic guides link takes you to tabular layouts of various renku schema – the Junicho is in there somewhere. A poem begun in summer is represented in column 5.

    what common cur
    could bring itself to eat
    rotten haikai!


    blinking, blinking
    neither moon nor darkness rest


    Best wishes, John

  2. Barbara A Taylor says:

    g’day John

    Please count me in. I look forward to your schema and to learning more as we go. I have been familiarising myself with your Renku Reckoner for several years now. I enjoy working on them very much.

    Thanks again for coming to this party.

    Peace and Love

  3. John Carley says:

    Thanks Barbara, is that an antipodean g’day?

    Room for four more before the bus leaves! And as many interested parties as can dance on the head of a pin.

    Best wishes, John

  4. I’d like to join you, though I would defer if others
    would like the chance. I don’t wish to bump anyone.
    I’ll just lie back here in the weeds…

  5. John Carley says:

    Got you Willie. There’s no need to worry about excluding people. We can always do a further poem.

    OK – three on board. Three to go! J

  6. lorin says:

    Hi John, I left a message last night, on the ‘discussion’ page., under Barbara’s. I thought that was the place to post it.

    I see that Joseph has left a message there too. That’d make it five willing players at this point.

  7. ashleycapes says:

    I think that’s a good idea – run this renku just like the kasen
    – use the discussion page for chat/posting/comments etc
    and use this page to post the links of the Junicho as it builds

  8. ashleycapes says:

    So, am I right that we have John, Ashley Barbara, Lorin, Willie and Joseph confirmed?

    That brings us to 6!

    (unless John is leading without participating?) Either way will be fine, fo course

  9. I’m still lookin’ up antipodean!

  10. Joseph says:

    Oops, put my comment on the wrong page again. Just a quick thanks to John for his wonderful Renku Reckon (recon?) site. Elucidating, descriptive, and schematic.

  11. John Carley says:

    Yellow Moon

    yellow moon…
    corroboree frogs
    gather at the pond

    scents of ginger
    disguise the old dog

  12. Rhonda says:

    Hi Willie – no stinging nettles in those weeds I hope?

  13. Rhonda says:

    Hi John – I think I might like to try, if I can get my head around it all

  14. John Carley says:

    yellow moon…
    corroboree frogs
    gather at the pond

    scents of ginger
    disguise the old dog

    Taiko drums,
    jazz messengers
    playing it fast

  15. willie says:

    A belated hello, Rhonda,

    Its obvious I do have some kinda itch goin’ on.

  16. Claire says:


    Is-there a little place in-between in that ghost train of renku ?
    If, if… then… I’ll be the frog who dives head first

  17. Joseph says:

    Oops, just reread our junicho and realized there is a typo in the last verse. Here’s how it reads now:
    a drunken kiss
    the sea, the stars revlove

    Let’s change this to:

    a drunken kiss
    the sea, the stars, revolve

    although the concept of “revlove” is interesting. As is the line, “the sea, the satyrs, revolve”

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